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Ghost Data

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Influenced by the unique compositions of video game composers Nobuo Uematsu and Akihiko Narita, as well as electronic acts like Purity Ring, Deadmau5, and Seven Lions, Ghost Data's unique sound would blossom from a deep desire to merge cinematic sound fonts with contemporary dance music, soon adopting a love for melodic, atmospheric, and emotional song writing. Woven delicately within their sound design, the universe of The Shepherdess and the Void Walker come alive to paint a desperate story of love, the Self, reprisal, and infinite resignation, the conflicted pair leading the way through Ghost Data's journey of self discovery. Ghost Data continues to produce electronic music with his fan christened "Dreamsynth" styling, unyielding in his pursuit to create cinematic, emotional pieces that whisper the story of The Shepherdess. ~