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Andy Harbeck

Shadows Fading Plexi Glass Desk Art

Shadows Fading Plexi Glass Desk Art

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From an elevated vantage point, one can observe a mosaic of rooftops adorned with a tapestry of neon signs and fluttering banners; a pulsating network of commerce and life, advertising the vibrant heartbeat of the various establishments nested within the buildings below. As the sun tenderly cedes control to the moon and stars, a magical transformation occurs; the sky, now a canvas of the evening, embraces hues of pink and purple, tenderly draping the structures in a warm, colorful blanket, marking the peaceful handover from day to night. This twilight transition paints a serene yet vibrant picture, an urban landscape steeped in hues that hint at the promises of the nighttime, where dreams and reality meet in a dance of lights and colors.

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