Designed by

V1 Tech

Built by V1 Tech

Printed with Magic

Highest End Performance
in the Smallest Possible Case

Made in Dallas, TX USA


Meshroom S

Small Case, Big Satisfaction

The Meshroom S is a new and improved version of the Meshlicious case

This captivating image showcases a mesmerizing network of shimmering geometric shapes, predominantly triangles, immersed in a dark, cosmic-like expanse. The gleaming vertices and edges create a sense of movement and depth, reminiscent of constellations in deep space. The play of light and shadow, combined with the monochromatic tones, crafts an atmosphere of mystery and technological elegance.

Effortlessly Unique

Tool-less external panels &
easy to assemble

Spectrum | Meshroom S Printed Case

Spectrum | Meshroom S Printed Case

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